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Join us for a FREE informational consultation. At your consultation, we’ll create awareness on what you need to do to manage your hypothyroidism in a manner that facilitates whole body health and reduces your potential risks.

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At your consultation, you will uncover all of the new research and trends in thyroid treatment and reclaim your livelihood after a low thyroid diagnosis.

Dr. Matthew Wolfertz, D.C.

 Dr. Matthew Wolfertz, D.C.has made it his life's work to help REAL people, just like you.

Join us for our educational Thyroid consultation discover all the latest and greatest information on hypothyroidism, as well as an honest assessment regarding whether you are a good candidate for this clinical approach.
Do you suspect you might have hypothyroidism? Has a doctor diagnosed you with hypothyroidism? If this is the case, you’ve most likely been told:
You can’t cure hypothyroidism. But, with the help of synthetic thyroid hormone replacement therapy (that you’ll be on for the rest of your life), you can curtail your symptoms.


Your lab results indicate you’re in good health and your thyroid hormones are normal, regardless of the symptoms you’re experiencing.
Without a solution, the following symptoms persist:

Stubborn weight gain – even though you’ve improved your diet and began to exercise

Fertility issues



Hair loss

You may be thinking that your care provider is glossing over something –
and you’re most likely correct.

Join us for a complimentary educational consultation.
Without a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment options are limited. Therefore, you may continue to suffer from the persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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